Partner Spotlight: Synergistic partnership generates success for MSSP

Vancord is a leading provider of managed IT services in Milford, CT. Since its establishment in 2005, they have been undeniably devoted to building and protecting the futures of their clients. One trait that distinguishes the managed security service provider (MSSP) from competitors is its commitment to customer experience. Lou Ardolino, the company’s VP of Client Success, says this is his primary focus. 

“One way we accomplish this is by assigning a dedicated team to each customer,” he says. “Each team comprises of a team lead (e.g., systems engineer), three network technicians, and a dedicated security engineer, who get to know the customer and their IT environment very well.” 

A hybrid approach to security

As Vancord saw cyberthreats becoming more sophisticated, they realized the need to enhance their security offerings beyond traditional solutions. To better address their clients’ challenges, Vancord transitioned from leveraging an outsourced security operations center (SOC) to building its own MDR offering, Vantage MDR. After this transition, they could solely focus on providing comprehensive security services including endpoint, email, and server security. 

Additionally, Vancord complemented their internal resources with a suite of cybersecurity and backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solutions from Barracuda, their trusted provider for over a decade. Ardolino shared that Barracuda’s email archiving solution fulfills Vancord’s customers’ compliance requirements as well. “Many of our State, Local, and Education (SLED) customers have to retain emails for a certain period for legal purposes, and Barracuda keeps them compliant,” he adds. 

Increased success through collaboration

The combination of Vancord’s domain expertise along with Barracuda’s innovative technologies has allowed both organizations to successfully navigate the complex cybersecurity landscape. “Barracuda’s been a great partner, helping drive new business and leads,” states Ardolino. “We’ve leveraged marketing development funds every year and put on successful events, such as a ‘Beers with Engineers’ event they sponsored that allowed us to talk to prospects about SaaS protection and backup. We’ve also done several webinars that Barracuda co-branded and helped facilitate.” 

To learn more about Vancord’s synergistic journey with Barracuda, download your copy of the partner story today. 

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