The Nikon Zf has finally arrived – and it’s the retro mirrorless camera I’ve been waiting for

We’ve been reporting Nikon Zf rumors for a couple of months now, with the highly-anticipated full-frame retro mirrorless camera creating quite a stir. Could it be a Fujifilm killer? Well, now it’s official, and having had a sneak peek at the camera ahead of its official launch during my hands-on Nikon Zf review, I think that yes, it could have the beating of Fujifilm… eventually. 

Packing a lot of the same tech as the Nikon Z6 II, including 24.5MP full-frame sensor (although not the Z7 II tech we’d hoped for), plus some Nikon Z8 smarts, and firsts including AI-assisted vibration reduction, the Zf serves up a few pleasant surprises. 

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