Apple’s iOS 17 is a lot more exciting than Android 14, but that’s not totally a good thing

Apple’s iOS 17 is almost here, and it’s a lot more fully featured than Android 14. A casual glance at Apple’s iOS 17 press release compared with Google’s non-existent equivalent belies that, as did the spate of articles that questioned where Google’s Android 14 was at the big Google I/O event.

It’s a stark contrast. My feelings about this are simple: iOS 17 is a more exciting upgrade than Android 14, but Google has a different strategy for its Android updates. Secondly, iOS 17 continues to highlight the iPhone’s biggest feature, and it’s not one you’ll find in a store.

 iOS 17 and Android 14 have different goals 

Pixel 7 Pro

Android phones like the Pixel 7 Pro get a trickle of new features throughout the year. (Image credit: Google)

Phone updates may have got boring, that’s true, but they’re still necessary. They often deliver new features and security patches to the point that having prompt and consistent updates is a selling point for many of the best Android phones.

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