Amazfit’s new smartwatches could be prime substitutes for the Apple Watch

Amazfit is back with a pair of new affordable, fitness smartwatches: the Amazfit Active and the Active Edge.

Looking at the first model, you’ll notice it bears a resemblance to the Apple Watch due to its rectangular, 1.75-inch screen. In fact, it even offers, according to the company, performance comparable to the Apple Watch Series 9 as its AMOLED display outputs a resolution of 390 x 450 pixels. This distinction is important to make as AMOLED tech is more energy efficient than standard OLED screens. Looking at the Amazfit Active’s specs, the wearable can last a claimed 14 hours with “typical usage”. But if you activate Battery Saver Mode, you could double the battery life to 30 days max.

Amazfit Active assortment

(Image credit: Amazfit Active)

If you prefer a more eye-catching smartwatch, then you should check out the other option. The Amazfit Active Edge sports a rugged, rounder design to withstand bumps. It even has a water resistance rating of 10 ATM (atmospheres), meaning you can, if the specs hold up, dive up to 100 meters underwater with this device on and it’ll still work. Comparatively, the Active model can only last up to 50 meters underwater. Be aware the company recommends you don’t shower with it on as the steam can loosen the tight seal.

The Active Edge does have slightly worse performance. Its 1.32-inch display has a maximum resolution of 360 x 360 pixels. The watch battery can, Amazfit claims, last up to 16 days. However, it apparently peaks at 24 days with Battery Saver Mode on. So there is some trade-off.

Aamzfit Active Edge assortment

(Image credit: Amazfit)

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