6 new features that are coming to AirPods Pro 2, thanks to iOS 17

Not long now until iOS 17 becomes readily available to all – and there is a whole slew of Adaptive Audio, Mute and Unmute, Automatic Device Switching, and Dark Mode perks in the pipeline, depending on which set of Apple’s ever-popular AirPods lineup you own. 

Just to clarify the state of play before we get into it, at the time of writing (Aug. 11) the third public iOS 17 beta has arrived (on Aug. 9), but you still need a separate software update for the AirPods, and that’s currently only available in dev beta. Ergo, the iOS 17 beta doesn’t update the AirPods so we’re somewhat in limbo – “you can” have these upgrades now if you pay for the dev beta. For most of us, it’s “you will” get these features in September. Got it? Good.

1. Adaptive Audio (read: Adaptive Noise Control)

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