Google can warn you when your personal info appears in search and let you take action

Google is introducing several new privacy changes to its search engine including an alert system that lets you know if personal information suddenly pops up online.

The alerts will be a part of the Results About You tool which is getting an improved dashboard letting “you know if web results with your contact [details] are showing up on Search.” If they do show up, you can request their removal right on the dashboard. Google will also let you know if any new results containing personal details ever crop up in the future. There is an alternate method the company recommends trying out. Google says you can enter your name into the search bar, and if you see your sensitive information anywhere on-screen, click the three dots to the right. You will see a “Remove Result” in the About This Result window.

The image below shows you what it looks like.

Remove Result tool in Google Search

Remove Result tool in Google Search (Image credit: Future)

It may take a few days before the tech giant actually pulls the content. Google says it will perform a mini investigation to make sure the request lines up with its “policy requirements for removal”. The company will apparently deny requests to pull information from websites owned by either a “government or educational institution.”

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