Price of AMD’s fastest CPU ever is slashed less than two months after it launched; 128-core AMD EPYC now available with 21% discount

AMD launched its fastest CPU ever, the EPYC “Bergamo” 9754, in June 2023 and back then it carried a suggested retail price of $11,900. Just weeks later, we managed to track this 128-core processor in the US for well under $9,500 from two respected providers, Wiredzone and Tech-America. 

The latter has the tray version of the EPYC 9754 (100-000001234) on preorder for $9,348, a 21.44% discount or $2,552, which is a lot for a very new product that’s in demand with even higher discounts when purchasing 100 parts or more.

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This post originally appeared on TechToday.

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