Error’d: By The Clicking On My Thumbs

Music fan Erina leads off this week with a double contraction! "Who knew Tom Waits was such a gravelly-voiced Relational Database poet?" she Mused. "You'd've thought that SQL modes was more of an indy garage esthetic." You might've, Erina, but I wouldn't've.



An anonymous B2B buyer notes "It looks like the ERP software industry has anticipated all scenarios, even the restoration of the USSR." .ru serious.



Compulsive punster Dick Yates comments "I think Amazon is just feeding me a line."



Alphabetician David G. exclaims "Guess my company name wasn't long enough?" Maybe he needs to buy a few more vowels.



Finally, today's winner Simon A. shares an image that needs no added snark but that won't stop me. Says he "Your trial period expires in NaN days." You see, it's the undefined that has him fired him up. But for my part, I'm captured by that mental image of modern thumb restraints. Click, click, stay!



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This post originally appeared on The Daily WTF.

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