Nye Health launches digital patient support programme capability

B2B life sciences and digital health company, Nye Health has launched its patient support programme (PSP) capability which leverages the power of analytics and data integration to support any disease.

The solution is built on Nye’s platform and will use advanced analytics and data integration to apply, tailor and scale learnings across all programmes, regardless of disease area and treatment. The launch marks a radically different approach to traditional point solutions, and will help to improve patient outcomes.

Tom White, chief product officer at Nye Health, said: “The effective utilisation of digital technology in patient support programmes represents a huge opportunity that hasn’t yet been realised

“Nye’s platform-based digital PSP capabilities enable personalisation at a patient level based on individual response and action; this leads to better patient engagement, adherence and, ultimately, improved patient outcomes.

“I believe that by facilitating a personalised, positive experience, platform-based digital PSPs like Nye’s could benefit the millions of patients living with a long-term condition, an increasingly stretched healthcare profession, as well as enabling the pharmaceutical industry to more fully understand the impact and effectiveness of their treatments.”

The platform combines real-world data sources and allows it to be analysed and acted upon to support any disease area, any drug and any device.

It is integrated with NHS electronic medical records (EMRs) which enables the use of consent-based, anonymised, clinically validated data to understand the impact of PSPs on patient health. In addition, patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs), behaviour data, wearable technology and patient feedback are also integrated.

This gives the ability to personalise medicine so that it adapts to an individual’s changing circumstances. The tool can be used to quickly learn whether drugs in development are going to succeed and empowers clinicians to change treatments rapidly to ensure patients receive the right treatment at the right time.

All data is gathered and used in a compliant integrated and patient-controlled manner.

Dr Mark Chakravarty, former global head of communications & patient advocacy at Novartis Pharmaceuticals and strategic board advisor to Nye, said: “In the past, scale and personalisation were perceived as conflicting priorities in patient support programmes, with many believing they couldn’t coexist, at least not affordably.  However, the latest advancements in data and digital technology are revolutionising this perspective, proving that we can achieve both without compromise.  Digital PSPs are setting a new standard for patient-centricity: not only placing the patient at the heart but also personalising their support.”

In May this year, Nye Health teamed up with Roche UK to co-create digital solutions that learn, personalise and adapt to patients’ needs.

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