BenQ Zowie XL2566K review: For pro gamers only

BenQ Zowie XL2566K: One-minute review

  • 360Hz refresh rate
  • Incredible pixel response time
  • DyAc+ turns off backlight between frames
  • Sharpest image for pro FPS players
  • Good stand ergonomics
  • Not cheap
  • Poor for fun and immersive gaming

Sometimes, the old ways are the best and that might be said of BenQ’s Zowie XL2566K gaming monitor. Well, we call it a gaming monitor but it’s really been designed to play one, specific, genre of game: FPS. What’s the big deal? It uses the hideous TN LCD panel technology which blighted the fledgling, consumer LCD monitor industry some 20-years ago. It offers poor colour reproduction, poor contrast, a relatively low Full-HD resolution, horrendous viewing angles and no casual gamer should want to go near it. However, there’s just one more thing… it’s really, really, REALLY fast.

Many potential buyers will be star-struck by the headline ‘360Hz’ refresh rate but there are serious caveats to having a fast display. The ability to operate at a consistent 360 frames per second is only really feasible for casual and competitive games. Cinematic, UHD games, with HDR lighting, require too much processor power to get near that. However, while a fast refresh rate can truly make fast-and-frantic motion in games look buttery smooth, it counts for nothing if the screen’s pixel response time is poor – rapidly displayed objects would still look blurry and horrible.

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